Optical Nerve is an exhibition that showcases the 1960's art, design and fashion.

The concept for all of my materials came from the extensive research I collected about 60s art and design and how this effected fashion and other walks of life. I discovered that the 1960s was the decade of the local hero. People did not have to be super rich to be cool. With fashion finally being affordable in the highstreets this allowed people to get involved and feel like a part of something.

I tried to make participation a main feature of the exhibit. The invite itself acts as an audio tour at the exhibition, where people invited would be issued with a cassette tape. The link here is that around 1963, tapes were orignally used to record short audio sequences before they were eventually launched as audio tapes. The use of graph paper came from the way that artists and deisgners first worked out how they were going to create the famous illusion styled art that the 60s is well known for.