Specialists in bus safety, Birmingham Busworks grew from the bodywork division of The Green Bus, an independent bus operator in Birmingham. Known for their technical innovation, Birmingham Busworks was launched as a way to make those innovations available to other bus operators. Their flagship product - The Driver Safety Vent - has been fitted in all 40 of The Green Bus' fleet with no recorded cases of Covid-19 to date. 

We knew the brand had to reflect the confidence of the work that the engineers undertake in guaranteeing the safety of drivers and passengers. With our bold identity system we aimed to capture the values of the brand using a contemporary but modernist approach that fits the industry perfectly.

With plenty of reference material spanning decades, our bold colour palette was inspired by the transport industry - bold reds and oranges make up road signs, vehicles lights and interesting seat patterns. Brand application is intentionally restrained in order to allow key information and statements room to stand out.

Thanks for looking! Work completed at Shine.
Typeface by Cotype Foundry.